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Bark Collars

Barking Collars that Work for all dogs from Small to Giant

Does your dog:

  • Bark excessively at everyone or everything that passes by the gate, annoying you and the neighbours?
  • Keep you awake in the night barking at cats, possums, snakes and anything that moves?
  • Distract the stock by inappropriate barking when working out in the field?
  • Bark constantly when travelling on the back of the ute or in the car?

An Anti-Bark collar can help reduce and prevent inappropriate barking by creating a change in the dog’s pattern of barking behaviour. The Bark Collar should be fitted during the time the unwanted barking occurs; it basically detects the dog’s bark and triggers an instant correction (Static Pulse) to interrupt the bark cycle every time he barks. Consistency and timing are the key to successful training and the precision of a Barking Collar means the training continues even if you are away from home. Your dog soon learns that he can avoid the correction by not barking and so modifies his own behaviour. The majority of our customers find a Static Pulse Bark Collar is a good choice, especially for a working dog, as they are proven to be 98% effective, and all have multi levels allowing the collar to be tailored to a dog’s nature.