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E-Collar Safety

E-collars are Safe and Humane

Over the years, animal welfare organisations have declared electronic collars (also known as shock collars and E-collars) to be cruel, showing some ignorance of the facts. The electronic collar transmits a corrective pulse that is only momentary, and is 3000 times less than an electric fence, and yet it is accepted to use cattle prodders/jiggers which are 300 times stronger than a dog training collar.

The key to well trained and disciplined dogs is the basic training process, establishing a situation where the dog understands and responds to commands, thereby developing confidence and trust. When the dog’s natural instincts and enthusiasm take control, disobedience and ‘temporary deafness’ can cause frustrations with the handler, which can sometimes result in a cruel outcome.

So why do dogs repeat misbehaviour after correction and never seem to learn ?

Veterinary research found that if correction is delayed:

  • 5 seconds – it is only 50% effective.
  • 15 seconds – it is only 5% effective.
  • 20 seconds – dogs cannot recall what they did.

Correction after 15 seconds is therefore useless and cruel. The electronic trainer will cure the problem of reoccurring misbehaviour by giving an instant correction the moment the dog misbehaves. By pressing the correction button on the remote transmitter, the collar produces a mild electrical sensation, less than the static pulse you may get from a car door. It communicates with the dog in a language they understand; to avoid actions which result in unpleasant circumstances.

How effective is the electronic dog training collar ?

  • Dogs respond immediately to commands.
  • Dogs understand who’s Boss and readily return to the handler without fear.
  • Training can be consistent without the use of bribes such as food treats which may not always be available.
  • It completely cures ‘temporary deafness’.
  • It stops barking on the chain or in the vehicle.
  • It is the only cure for serious faults like stock worrying, bad biting, etc.
  • It brings an end to chasing wildlife and vehicles.
  • No more escaping dogs!
  • The handler/dog relationship will greatly improve.
  • A handler with limited size and strength, or a disability, can still have control of even a large dog.

Why are electronic trainers so humane?

  • Electronic bark collars now have an automatic safety cut out mechanism to prevent prolonged correction.
  • Remote training collars now have an automatic safety cut out mechanism to prevent the prolonged or accidental correction that was associated with the ‘shock collars’ of old.
  • Remote training collars now have multiple levels of correction to find the right training level for each individual dog without stress, unlike old remote trainers with one high level of correction.
  • Our range of electronic remote training collars also have a warning feature (vibration or sound), which can eventually replace the use of stimulation.
  • An electronic collar correctly used corrects faults with minimum discomfort (the mild stimulation is brief and scientifically controlled) and avoids physical punishment.
  • Containment fences also have an automatic safety cut out mechanism to prevent your dog from getting stuck in the correction zone.

The use of an electrical device upon an animal is regulated by relevant State or Territory regulation.
Please call us if you need more information on your state law.