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Dog Fences

Dog Fencing Containment Systems from PetSafe and SportDOG

The electronic dog fence, also known as an Underground Fence, Radio Fence or Invisible Fence, is a versatile boundary system to keep your escaping dogs in a fixed area.

Easy to install and operate, the boundary wire can be buried for an invisible dog fence, or attached to an existing fence to stop dogs jumping over or digging out. It can also be used to protect areas you wish to protect such as chook houses, vegie gardens and tempting clotheslines. By keeping a spare roll of wire, you can also set up a temporary pet containment area when travelling with your animals.

After a short training programme, your dog can enjoy freedom and exercise within the boundary and avoid the boredom and destructive behaviour that being tied up or caged can bring. Unlimited extra collars can be added to your system; dogs should be trained separately and must all be penned or chained until training is completed.

Click on a product to learn more and if you need help in choosing the right In-Ground Fence for your dog, or have any questions just give us a call.