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Canine Coach 360 – Remote Trainer

Canine Coach 360 – Remote Trainer


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The new Canine Coach 360 e-collar trainer is made to help out in all training situations.

Dogs learn from association, and learn very quickly to associate a stimulus with a given command.

The Canine Coach 360 allows you to teach a command, and enforce that command with a stimulus to remind the dog of what to do and when, at the press of a button.

When used in conjunction with a proper dog training program, the Canine Coach 360 will have your dog following obedience commands like a pro, making your and your dog’s life safer, easier, and happier.

The Canine Coach 360 has a  lithium collar battery which means a fast 2-3 hour recharge time (charger included), 15 levels of gentle touch stimulation with easy click dial, transmitter uses 9 volt battery, magnetic on/off switch built into the collar, smart LED battery charge indicator & battery saving mode with auto safety shut off built in.

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