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E-Collar Technologies BP- 504 BarkLess Pro Rechargeable

E-Collar Technologies BP- 504 BarkLess Pro Rechargeable


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Bark Collar Innovation from E-Collar Technologies

The Barkless Pro Anti Bark Collar (BP-504) is a quality bark training collar with some clever features allowing it to used on a range of dogs. Unlike other collars that are made for general barking only, the BP-504 has advanced sensor technology that can detect different vocal styles. Whether your dog’s a barker, howler, or whinger (or all 3) then this is the bark collar for you. A range of training modes and settings let you choose the stimulation level and sensitivity level best suited to your dog.

The BP-504 is a light, compact collar suited to dogs from 5kg and above.


  • Waterproof & rechargeable
  • 2 operating modes: Manual Set Mode or Automatic Mode
  • 8 levels of static correction in either mode
  • Tone option
  • 5 second safety delay between activations
  • Adjustable vibration sensor technology
  • Bark Counter
  • Sleep Mode for battery conservation
  • 2 Hour fast charge Li-Polymer battery
  • LED battery status indicator

Package Contents

  • 1x BP-504 Rechargeable Collar Module
  • 1x 19mm Collar Strap
  • 1x AU Battery Charger
  • 1x Set Standard Collar Probes
  • 1x Set Long Collar Probes
  • Contact Point Removal Tool
  • Product Guide


  • Module Length: 60mm
  • Module Width: 40mm incl short probes
  • Module Height: 35mm
  • Collar Strap Length: 76cm x 1.9cm
  • Total Weight: 110g

How does the BP-504 Work?

The BP-504 Bark Collar suits dogs from around 5 kilos and up, even if they have a stubborn, hard to train nature. It uses an adjustable vibration sensor to detect your dogs bark, howl or whine and trigger an instant correction to interrupt the bark cycle. Your dog learns quickly that he can avoid the correction by not barking and so modifies his own behaviour.

The BP-504 Bark Control Collar lets you customize the type of bark control that works best for your dog. The On/Off button is used to scroll through the 5 Programming Modes and make your selections. The collar starts with Bark Counter mode when it is turned on or brought out of Sleep.

Bark Counter Mode

Tracks your dog’s behaviour when you’re not home. The LCD screen displays the number of times the collar has activated. If this number is high check to ensure the collar is fitting correctly. If the fit is good then increase the stimulation level. Remember there is a 5 second safety delay between activations

Stimulation Level Set Mode

Level O – Tone only

Levels 1-8 – Static correction. Start with level ‘1’ and increase the collar one level at a time until your dog stops the barking.

Level 9 – Automatic correction. Collar starts at level 1 and increases one level at a time until your dog stops barking. It triggers 2 static stimulations in each level and increases until your dog is quiet and then resets to level 1 after 10 seconds of silence. This mode is not suitable for small or sensitive dogs because the higher stimulation levels may be overwhelming for them.

Sensor Sensitivity Mode

Barking vibrates the vocal chords with more force than howling & whining so follow the guide to select the appropriate level

Low Sensitivity for loud, deep barks

Medium Sensitivity for general barking

High Sensitivity for howling, whinging and whining

Tone ON/OFF Mode

Turns Tone warning before static correction On/Off

Test Mode