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H2O Plus Jack Cables

H2O Plus Jack Cables


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DT Systems

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DT Systems Jack Cable for the H2O Plus dog training system

DT Systems now supply a single Jack Cable with their systems which will plug on to the battery charger and charge the one collar only. Each Add-On collar purchased will include an additional Jack Cable to connect to the first, meaning you’ll have either 2 or 3 Jack Cables joined together for a 2 or 3 dog system.

This has complicated things a bit if you lose a piece, so give us a call and tell us how many dog collars are on your system and what cables you still have. Take a note of the end of the cable, it will have either a large hole that fits onto the end of the battery charger, or a small hole that fits the probe that’s goes into a handset. We can supply what you need to get charging again.

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