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Livestock PRO Cattle Immobilizer

Livestock PRO Cattle Immobilizer


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Livestock PRO Cattle Immobilizer

Farmers and agricultural workers around the world share the problem of keeping both themselves and their stock uninjured and stress-free while routine animal husbandry jobs are being carried out. The downturn in the global economy over the last few years has also led to a decrease in workers on the farm with many smaller properties now being run single handed on a tight budget. Many of our customers also work at secondary jobs leaving little time to get all the work done, so efficiency is paramount for time management.

The Livestock PRO Cattle Immobilizer allows safe and effective immobilization of your livestock and allows you to perform treatments in the shortest possible time which minimizes stress and danger of injury to the animal during treatment, and also reduces stress related reactions such as weight loss and panicking. The Livestock PRO Cattle Immobilizer is an rectal probe that delivers a low level electronic pulse that stimulates the animal’s nervous system and causes a temporary and completely reversible paralysis of the skeletal muscles. It allows the operator to:

  • Restrain an animal so procedures can be performed quickly and safely without unpredictable behaviour
  • Reduce stress and injury for operators as well as animals; no more kicking, jumping and head butting
  • Improve efficiency and costs by reducing procedure time and the number of hands needed to do the job

When the animal becomes immobile for the duration that the pulse is applied, it possible to safely and quickly perform many routine procedures such as

  •  Castration
  •  Dehorning
  •  Branding
  •  Foot trimming
  •  Nose ringing
  •  Clipping
  •  Mastitis treatment
  •  Difficult calving
  •  Ear marking
  •  Vaccination
  • Mouth inspections 


  • Compact and lightweight – no wires or clamps to get in the way
  • Waterproof pouch holder with adjustable strap – attach to railings/pen
  • Rechargeable battery with battery charger – battery does not need to be removed for recharging
  • Car charger included for top ups in the field
  • Portable and easy to operate with simple controls
  • Low battery warning light
  • Quality long lasting components
  • Probe outer case is made of aluminum – thicker & stronger weight to protect against damage from hooves
  • Water resistant & washable
  • Manufactured in Brisbane, Australia


  • Cattle Immobilizer length 34cm
  • Cattle Immobilizer weight 425g
  • 4.8v 300mAh Ni-MH battery: 4 hour recharge and 10 hours of use

Suitable for

  • Single operator livestock farmers
  • Larger stations with maximum cattle to process 
  • Agricultural workers
  • Veterinarians 
  • Abattoirs

Package Contents

  • Cattle Immobilizer with battery
  • Battery charger
  • 12v car charger
  • Immobilizer pouch hanger
  • Product Manual

Using the Cattle Immobilizer

If your facilities include a race or cattle crush these are ideal when using the probe. If a crush is not available the animal should stand in a small pen or facility where it will have support to lean against as when immobilized it may lean to one side or become unstable if one leg is off the ground.

The cattle immobilizer should be used to restrain the animal for the shortest possible time while a procedure is performed. However sessions of over an hour for have been necessary for some treatments with no known negative side effects.

The intensity level and depth of insertion may differ with each animal depending on weight, muscle mass and water content and nerve structure. The operator should closely monitor the reaction of each animal and use that as a guide rather than using a one preset level for all livestock.

Lift the animal’s tail and insert the Cattle Immobilizer probe in to the rectum. Keep holding the Immobilizer in place while turning the dial on and gradually increasing the intensity of the electrical pulse. The muscles will visibly start to bunch up and contract starting at the back end, and hold the probe in.

If working on the front end of the body, insert the probe straight in and angle up slightly to ensure good contact with the nerve. Continue to increase the current until the animal is fully under the operator’s control. The animal will extend it’s head to indicate the front is being immobilized. Release the tail to keep the probe in place.

When procedures involve the rear limbs, moving the probe to the left side of the tail will cause the right leg to lift and vice versa.

It is advisable to complete procedures at the head first, and then adjust the intensity level and angle of the probe if you wish to extend a rear leg for further treatment. This avoids the animal balancing on 3 legs for an extended. When the procedure is completed turn the probe is off and remove. Recovery is instant when the probe is turned off so keep on your toes!


The Livestock Pro Cattle Immobilizer has been manufactured in Brisbane using the best quality components available. The probe outer case is made of a thicker aluminum than many other immobilizers to give added protection against hoof damage. The Ni-MH rechargeable battery was selected for it’s proven reliability and lifespan. The unit is water resistant and can be washed down to remove animal waste after use. The rechargeable battery should be charged at regular intervals to obtain optimum battery life, even when the unit is stored for extended periods.

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