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Livestock PRO Food Container

Livestock PRO Food Container


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No Tip Food Container from Livestock PRO

After a hard days work your dogs going be keen to hit the food bowl for a refuel and probably dives in to the tucker feet and all.

A great solution is to serve the food at chest height and keep the food free from dirt, kennel waste and anything else his paws have walked through. His chain also stays out of the food, speed eaters are slowed down and best of all there’s no wasted meals from containers being tipped over.

The Livestock PRO Dog Food Container holds up to 4kg of food and is tough enough to handle heavy use in all situations. It’s made from 12mm food grade quality polyethylene plastic and will last many seasons of dog feeding duty.

The food container attaches easily to the steel mesh of your dog run with bolts or heavy duty cable ties. Even better use snap hooks for easy removal for hosing out or swapping out to the dog box on the ute for hunting trips.

Not only is the 4kg Food Container is ideal for all types of dogs both pet and working, but it’s also great for other animals as a food or water container depending on their size. We meet a lot of customers out and about at local country shows and they find the container is pretty handy in a travelling cage for their show animals such as goats, guinea pigs and alpacas.

Product Dimensions: Length: 265mm Width: 170mm Depth: 140mm

For thirsty dogs who like to toss the water everywhere check out the Livestock PRO Water Container.

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