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Livestock PRO Water Container

Livestock PRO Water Container


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Livestock PRO Water Container - No Spills!

The Livestock PRO Water Container holds 10 litres of water served straight up at dog height. Usually the water is pretty mucky from dirt on the kennel floor and feet in the bowl transferring whatever they’ve been walking in. But raising the height keeps the water clean and prevents spills of precious water. It’s made from 12mm food grade quality polyethylene plastic and will last many seasons of dog watering duty.

The water container attaches easily to the steel mesh of your dog run with bolts or heavy duty cable ties. Even better use snap hooks for easy removal for hosing out or swapping out to the dog box on the ute for hunting trips.

Not only is the 10 Litre Water Container is ideal for all types of dogs both pet and working, but it’s also great for other animals as a food or water container depending on their size.

Product Dimensions: Length: 470mm Width: 230mm Depth: 200mm

Check out the Livestock PRO Food Container if your dog has the habit of spreading his food around the kennel.

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Citronella, Unscented