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Tie Downs Straps – 4 Pack – 25mm X 4.5m

Tie Downs Straps – 4 Pack – 25mm X 4.5m


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Ratchet Transport Straps – Bainbridge™

  • NEW
  • All manufacturing batches are tested in Australia to comply with Australian cargo restraint systems standard AS/NZS 4380
  • Safety & ID labels sewn into strap webbing showing the lashing capacity and date of manufacture to aid in WH & S risk & planning
  • 50mm & 38mm Straps are supplied with Hook & keeper
  • 50mm Straps supplied with two protective sleeves
  • Please refer to warning label and not suitable for lifting

Available in three sizes

  • 25mm: Tested lashing capacity of 225kg
  • 38mm: Tested lashing capacity of 1135kg
  • 50mm: Tested lashing capacity of 2500kg