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Waldos Bull Buster

Waldos Bull Buster


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  • The Waldo’s Horn Buster is a hydraulic dehorner which has been sold in Australia since 1990.
  • From 2014, Bainbridge has assumed the manufacturing of the hydraulic dehorner and released an improved version of the iconic Waldo’s Horn Buster.
  • Featuring high quality Bainbridge dehorner blades, this hydraulic dehorner is the perfect tool on medium to large operations.
  • The Bainbridge Waldo’s Horn Buster increases efficiency on farm and improves animal welfare by reducing the length / effort to perform this critical veterinary operation.
  • The hydraulic dehorner uses a portable hydraulic motor to drive a hand held hydraulic guillotine, which shears off a horn in under 2 seconds.
  • Blade opening: 75mm at widest point.
  • Includes a 7.5m lead.
  • Servicing and spare parts available (Contact Bainbridge for further information)
  • Made in Australia.

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