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Dogtra YS600 Rechargeable No Bark Collar

Dogtra YS600 Rechargeable No Bark Collar


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Dogtra YS600

The YS600 from Dogtra USA is a tough and durable bark training collar featuring the latest technology for serious barkers. A highly accurate Bark Sensor detects only your dog’s bark and the 10 levels of low – high stimulation suit a range of dispositions right through to the most persistent barking dogs. The Persistent Bark Indicator feature will alert you to excessive barking each time the unit is turned off.

The YS600 collar is a slightly larger collar and delivers stimulation levels best suited to medium – large stubborn dogs from 15kg and above. The YS600 is a good choice for strong willed, working or hunting breed dogs, due to the strong correction strength even on lower levels. It is a solid well built collar with a full size strap that can be cut to fit smaller necks.

Bark collars are recommended for dogs 6 months+


  • Waterproof & rechargeable
  • 10 levels of static correction (manual set)
  • Non stimulating Pager /Vibration Option
  • Persistent Bark Indicator alerts you of excessive barking
  • 2 Hour fast charge Li-Polymer battery lasts approx 4 weeks
  • LED battery status indicator
  • Repairable.
  • Receiver on vinyl adjustable collar

Package Contents

  • 1x YS600 Rechargeable Collar Module
  • 1x 25mm Collar Strap
  • 1x Collar Charger
  • 1x Test Tool
  • Product Manual


  • Measured with contact probes
  • Module Length: 82mm
  • Module Width: 55mm
  • Module Height: 51mm
  • Collar Strap: Necks up to 63cm
  • Collar weight: 175g

How does the Dogtra YS600 Work?

The Dogtra YS600 Bark Collar best suits dogs from around 15 kilos and up, especially if they have a stubborn, hard to train nature. The advanced vibration motion sensor detects the bark vibrations of the voice box and triggers an instant static correction to interrupt the bark cycle. Your dog learns quickly that he can avoid the correction by not barking and so modifies his own behaviour. The key to successful training is instant and consistent correction every time the inappropriate behaviour occurs. A Bark Collar achieves this whether you are present or not, and so training continues at all times the collar is worn.

The YS600 has a simple dial on top of the module to select your training choice

Vibration/Paging Mode (P)

The Dogtra YS600 will vibrate strongly twice when the dog barks. It will not emit any static stimulation. The Pager is great for well trained dogs, sensitive natures and deaf dogs which may not need static correction

Static Correction Levels (1-10)

The Dogtra YS600 will vibrate once prior to static correction at your selected level.Start with level ‘1’ and increase the collar one level at a time until your dog stops the barking. Note that the lowest levels may be higher than other collars you have used. This method of adjusting the correction level allows you to set the stimulation strength at a level that matches your dog’s drive.

Testing Mode (T)

In the Testing Mode, the collar will vibrate only. The sensor is in high sensitivity setting to activate the collar more easily for testing purpose. Turn the dial to “T”. The LED indicator will blink once every 4 seconds. Use the cap end of a ballpoint pen and scratch between the contact points. The unit is working properly when it vibrates twice.

Persistant Bark Indicator

lets you know when the stimulation level is set too low

The Persistent Bark Indicator/LED light activates when the collar is turned off.

Red flashes for 2 seconds – no excessive barking

Green flashes for 10 seconds – persistent bark activation recorded. This could be caused by a loose fit or by the correction level being set too low for your dog’s drive. Check the fit of the bark collar to ensure the contact points are touching the skin. Increase the correction level if barking continues when wearing the unit or the persistent bark indicator continues to show when turning the collar off.

Rapid Charge Battery

The battery indicator light appears green when the charge is full, amber when the charge is starting to decrease and red when the collar needs to be charged immediately. The indicator light will flash every 4 seconds when the collar is turned on. The collar goes into sleep mode after 30 seconds of silence – this will also turn off the battery indicator.

Dogtra YS600

The Dogtra YS600 high powered no bark collar features a persistent bark indicator and is made for medium to large sized dogs. Learn more at