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DT Systems: DT190 Bark Control Collar

DT Systems: DT190 Bark Control Collar


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DT190 Bark Collar: Static Pulse

  • Digital technology from DT Systems in a full size collar
  • Fully repairable
  • Most powerful bark collar available to train large, hardheaded breeds with a very high bark drive
  • Suits large-giant breeds with strong, muscular neck and chest structures such as Mastiffs and Arabs
  • 9 correction levels on dial inside collar module, stays on selected level
  • Digital memory saves last used intensity level
  • High quality sensor eliminates uneccessary “shock” from other dogs barking or dogs tags rattling
  • Replaceable 9 Volt battery
  • Automatic 4 second safety delay between stimulations
  • Waterproof, effective indoors and out
  • Tough receiver module on strong vinyl collar with buckle (245g) for large necksizes up to 60cm

Package Contents

  • DT190 Bark Collar
  • 9 volt replaceable battery
  • Testlight
  • Operating Manual Download Manual

More Information

A ‘Bark Control’ or ‘Anti-Barking Collar’ can help stop your dog from barking at inapproriate times, or in places where you wish him to remain quiet. A special sensor on the collar detects your dog’s bark and triggers an instant correction to interrupt the bark cycle. Your dog learns that he can avoid the correction by not barking and so modifies his own behaviour. The key to successful training is instant and consistent correction every time the inappropriate behaviour occurs. A Bark Collar achieves this whether you are present or not, and so training continues at all times the collar is worn.

The DT190 Bark Collar from DT Systems is our largest and strongest level barking collar, and is mainly used for the largest of the hunting breeds. We have also used this collar for the occasional large, headstrong male German Shephard. The weight and width of the collar module and strap make it unsuitable for dogs with light-average body structures as it can become unbalanced on smaller necks.

The DT190 Bark Collar has 9 levels of static pulse correction which can be set at the exact training level needed for your dog. Unlike some anti bark collars which reset back to the lowest level after a bark, the DT190 Bark Collar stays on the selected level, allowing you to select the exact training level to suit your dog. Some of those giant dogs may look big and tough, but have a gentle nature which requires only a low level of correction.

For the most determined barkers, a higher level can be selected and he won’t waste time barking through ineffective lower levels. The collar is waterproof so it’s not a problem if the dog cools off in the trough, and we are able to replace parts that may get damaged in the field as DT Systems products are fully repairable.

D.T. Systems, Inc. is the second oldest manufacturer of electronic dog training collars in the world.They have been building the world’s finest, most advanced and affordable electronic training collars since 1983.

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