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Petsafe 300m Lite Remote Trainer

Petsafe 300m Lite Remote Trainer


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The new Petsafe 300m Remote Trainer comes in two models – Lite and Standard. The Lite model is for small to medium pets over 4kg with sensitive or timid natures. It has a smaller module with softer correction levels for the more gentle temperament.

The Petsafe 300m Remote Trainer is an entry level training aid allowing you to reinforce commands and correct misbehaviour up to a range of 300 metres. It is ideal for working on behavioural problems around the backyard or in open parklands. Bushy terrain, trees, weather and other radio signals will affect the maximum range. Tone and Vibration options are great ways of communication for blind or deaf dogs when you need to catch their attention.

Your dog should be able to understand and carry out simple obedience commands for successful training with a remote collar, approximately 6 months old on average.

Not recommended for very stubborn or working dog breeds, shop here for our Working Dog selection.

Reference number PDT17 – 16025


  • Up to 300 metre range
  • Waterproof and rechargeable – 5 hour recharge
  • Easy to use controls
  • 1 Tone & 1 Vibration level plus15 levels of Static Stimulation
  • Safety lock on levels 8-15 to prevent accidental use unless required
  • Safety shut-off to prevent prolonged stimulation after 10 seconds
  • Low battery indicators on handset and collar
  • Sealed parts, not repairable

Package Contents

  • Digital Remote with backlit display
  • Receiver Collar with adjustable, waterproof strap
  • Long & short contact probes
  • Charging adaptor
  • Testlight tool
  • Quick Start Guide

More Details


  • Compact,waterproof & rechargeable handset
  • Tone and Vibration/ Stimulation buttons on front
  • Level Adjuster and Dog Selector buttons on sides
  • LEDlight shows current function and battery status

Collar Receiver

  • Waterproof module on adjustable strap
  • Module size 5cm x 2.8cm x 2.1cm
  • Neck sizes up to 71cm
  • Battery life approx 40 hours
  • On/Off button

PetSafe® Remote Trainers

Using the PetSafe® Remote Trainer you can easily improve the communication between you and your dog. The Remote sends a signal activating your dog’s training collar. With three training options, tone, vibration and static stimulation, you can ensure you will have a well-trained dog in a short amount of time. All Remote trainers come with 15 levels of static stimulation plus tone and vibration and are waterproof and rechargeable. See more:

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