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DT Systems Bark Boss – Battery Replaceable – No Bark Collar

DT Systems Bark Boss – Battery Replaceable – No Bark Collar


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Bark Boss Battery Replaceable No Bark Collar

  • Digital technology from DT Systems
  • Fully Repairable
  • Suits small to large dogs from 4kg
  • Recommended for working dogs
  • Tone only mode plus 8 e-Stim levels
  • Warning beep sounds before correction
  • Stays on selected level
  • Easy read dial for On/Off & level selection
  • Advanced Vibration sensor picks up only your dogs vocal chord vibrations
  • WILL NOT activate from other dogs barking
  • 6 Volt replaceable battery pack
  • Waterproof, effective indoors and out
  • Quality nylon webbing strap with easy clip buckle
  • 19mm strap adjusts from 12.5 – 71cm
  • Bark collar weight 115g

The Bark BOSS is perfect for small to large dogs with its compact and lightweight design, and easy to adjust quick snap collar buckle. Small and compact in design with an easy buckle collar to fit very small dogs. The DT Bark BOSS bark control collar handles all types of dog barking problems. It features 8 e-stim levels and a beeping warning tone with an easy turn dial. Uses 6V battery (INCLUDED). The collar can be programmed for a beeping Tone only, or a beeping Tone warning with the e-Stim shortly following.

A ‘Bark Control’ or ‘Anti-Barking Collar’ can help stop your dog from barking at inappropriate times, or in places where you wish him to remain quiet. A special sensor on the collar detects your dog’s bark and triggers an instant correction to interrupt the bark cycle. Your dog learns that he can avoid the correction by not barking and so modifies his own behaviour. The key to successful training is instant and consistent correction every time the inappropriate behaviour occurs. A Bark Collar achieves this whether you are present or not, and so training continues at all times the collar is worn.

The Bark Boss Rechargeable No Bark Collar has 8 levels of static pulse correction which can be set at the exact training level needed for your dog. Unlike automatic bark collars which progress levels and then reset back to level one when the barking stops, the The DT Bark Boss stays on the level which you select. This is great for sensitive dogs which may require a very low level, or even just the beeping “Tone” level, and you don’t want it progressing.

For more determined barkers, a higher level can be selected and your dog won’t bark through ineffective lower levels.

For those very large heavyset breeds with strong neck muscles, or checkout the DT Systems DT190 the strongest barking collar available.

D.T. Systems, Inc. is the second oldest manufacturer of electronic dog training collars in the world.They have been building the world’s finest, most advanced and affordable electronic training collars since 1983.

DT Systems Bark BOSS Bark Control Dog Training Collar with Tone - Train your Dog to STOP Barking

How to get your dog to stop barking-Bark Boss-DT Systems In this video Kat Pippitt from Standing Stone Kennels and DT Systems Pro Staff member shows you the new Bark Boss no-bark collar and goes over the features and how it will stop your dog from unwanted barking.